Cons of Teenage Curfews

According to some people, teen curfews limit teens freedom and are not needed.

Some areas and cities have curfew laws which the people must follow. For example, in Birmingham Alabama, teenagers are unable to be out past 9:00pm on weekdays and 11:00pm on weekends. Not only do parents apply curfews but whole areas can set a curfew time. If a teenager in Birmingham is caught past the curfew time they can be charged with a fine of 5,000 dollars. Some people think these laws are unfair. They say it is making the home function like a prison and is limiting the mobility for teenagers. Even though not every single place has teen curfew laws like Philadelphia, which only applies to kids less than teenagers, there are still places like Columbus, Ohio, Los Angeles, and District of Columbia which have the teen curfew laws in place. These laws end up as a negative for the teenagers, because of there inability to do certain things.

Even though the the study in 1995 was successful with some cities out of the 272 that were in the study, some cities say that curfews don't help in some cities and they are pointless. Some say that curfew laws are pointless because crimes are only committed by adults and not teenagers. Others say that crime activity takes place in the daytime, before the time in which most curfews are set. So, whether curfews are a advantage or disadvantage actually depends on where you live. To sum it up, setting a teen curfew for a city that is not decreasing the rate of criminal time is a con because the law is not helping a cause or stopping a cause.

Sometimes teenagers will not be able to hang out with there friends because they have a curfew and there friends do not. It can also limit the time they have to do fun things and they will have to stress the next day at school when they have to listen to all the awesome stuff that happened last night.

In my opinion, I know it is a bummer not being able to have the say of doing what you want to do in the nighttime because of a curfew law but in my opinion it makes teenagers more safe from a numerous amount of things. Even though you will not be able to have a fun time on certain nights, it helps stay away from bad stuff possibly like doing drugs. In my eyes I think that the cons for teenagers allow the pros for the whole community.
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